About us

Your Center Against Bullying and Harassment

We support employers and those affected by allegations or suspicions of bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination at work.

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Who we are

We are a team of experienced psychologists and legal experts, politically and confessionally neutral, who for more than 20 years our dedicated to providing comprehensive counseling and support to both employers and those affected by allegations or suspicions of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination at work.

What we want

Incidents, but also abusive accusations of bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination have a negative impact on the working atmosphere and productivity of a company. It is important for both sides to take precautions for such cases and to act quickly when needed. Thisis exactly where our offers, both in prevention and intervention, come in. Our primary goal is to create or restore a good working atmosphere.

What we do

We offer a wide range of services for both employers and victims in cases of bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination at work, always with the aim of maintaining or restoring a good working atmosphere.

Why we do it

We believe that proper prevention and intervention of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination at the workplace are essential. This allows conflicts and harassment to be resolved before they lead to declining performance, absences due to illness, dismissals and the associated loss of know-how.

Bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination

We are here for you

It always gives me great satisfaction when we can help those affected or employers deal with the difficult issues of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination. With my knowledge of psychology, legal flair and authentic, empathetic and clear approach, I look forward to every new request and challenge.

Profilfoto Claudia Stam
Claudia Stam,
Managing Director and Owner

Master in Psychology and Business Administration
Qualification through ongoing training in labor and social security law. Postgraduate training in systemic solution-focused therapy and counseling. Several years of experience in human resources management in various companies.


Karin Rosatzin
Senior Consultant Zurich

Master in Zoology and Psychology

Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Coaching, Supervision & Organizational Consulting, over 30 years of experience in Human Resources in the international financial industry


Joëlle Dahl
Legal consultant

Master's degree in law


Michael Vetsch
Legal consultant

Lawyer, LL.M.


Lena Hering

Master in Psychology


Céline Samà

Master in Psychology


Kristina Bartuma
Secretariat in Zurich and Bern
Nicole Mannhart
Secretariat in Zurich and Bern
Kathrin Stüssi
Secretariat in Zurich and Bern
Coco,the office dog, who (almost) always manages to put a smile on the faces of our clients.

Our network

Florian Schneider
Attorney at Law

Many years of judicial and legal experience and serving as a managing director of SMEs. Solid practical experience in general SME consulting and employment law. Cooperation with employers and employees. Advising and litigating. www.kanzlei-im-turm.ch

Zur Website
Mirjam Barmet
Attorney at Law

Advises employers and employees, especially in the area of public personnel law.Specialized in conducting administrative and internal investigations. www.advokaturbarmet.ch

Zur Website
Leena Kriegers-Tejura
Attorney at Law

Advises employers and employees and assists their clients in all aspects of employment from hiring to termination. Advising and litigating.

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A selection of our satisfied customers

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